21 'Hills' And 'City' Moments That Could Totally Happen At Whitney Port's Wedding

Spencer Pratt cameo included.

'Tis the season for glorious, warm-weather weddings, and that only means one thing: Whitney Port and Tim Rosenman might be saying "I do" any day now.

The former "Hills" star and her Prince Charming -- who met during their days on "The City" (he was an associate producer) -- have so far kept their wedding date under wraps. But what will their nuptials be like when they do finally walk down the aisle?

To celebrate the upcoming event, we're heading down memory lane and envisioning how moments from Whit's MTV days might fit right into the big day. Let the GIF reactions (and Spencer Pratt cameos) commence:

  1. When the blushing bride walks down the aisle:
  2. When the guests arrive at the ceremony, and see the amazing venue:
  3. When everyone is discussing Whit and Tim's adorable engagement story before the ceremony...
  4. ...including all the details of her amazing bling:
  5. Everyone in attendance the moment Whitney and Tim are named husband and wife:
  6. All the guests tasting the delish food at the reception:
  7. Shortly before busting a move on the dance floor:
  8. Boogieing down, naturally:
  9. Emotions are high for when the bridal party members begin toasting the newlyweds:
  10. After all, giving sage advice is important business:
  11. Wedding celebrations = tons and tons of photos:
  12. Catching up with old and new friends is a must at any wedding:
  13. Oh, and small talk too:
  14. When W gets ready to toss the bouquet:
  15. When the night starts winding down, but no one wants to leave yet:
  16. Because the alcohol just started to hit!
  17. Do we really have to go home now?
  18. I can't believe there's a line for the ladies' room:
  19. When it comes to the cocktails, it's like being back at Les Deux:
  20. Whit and Tim's special guests definitely know how to party:
  21. Especially when it comes to celebrating the happy Mrs.:

Congrats, Whitney and Tim!