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Here’s Ghostface’s Response To Action Bronson’s Apology

Action's tweets were apparently not enough for GFK.

Action Bronson apologized to Ghostface Killah for comments he made on "Sports Nation" after the Wu-Tang Clan MC unleashed a threat-filled warning video on Monday. But, will GFK accept Bronsolino's plea for forgiveness?

"No," Ghostdini said in a very brief Revolt clip released today. "That's it."

During his "Sports Nation" appearance, Mr. Wonderful said Iron Man is "not rapping like this no more" and that he "needs something."

Tony Starks replied with a harsh clip where he threatened to "gut" Bronson "like a pig."

"I gave you a grace period, you fat f--k," he said. "I let you live. I let the devil live on this planet, man, for the longest. Here he come. It's my motherf--kin' son, showing up sounding just like me. Nah, bruh. Don't do that. Get your own style."

Action's apology came soon after the video emerged. In the tweets - which you can view below - Bronson said he understood he was wrong to make his "Sports Nation" comments.

Mr. Wonderful also went on to respond to the backlash he's experienced of late.

Here's to hoping both MCs find peace after this exchange.