OMI Reveals His ‘Empire’ Crush, Plus 7 Other Big Secrets

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It's been on the top of the charts, stuck in your head and probably played at every summer party you've been to.

Of course I'm talking about OMI's inescapable reggae/pop hit, "Cheerleader," which leads Billboard's Hot 100 for the second week in a row.

But how much do you really know about the man behind the hit? Well, you're about to learn a lot about the Jamaican-born singer, who just may have the song of the summer.

  1. He Can Paint Your Portrait
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Not only is he a singer, but he's also a painter. OMI admits he likes portraits and "imaginative compositions," but the favorite thing he ever did was a landscape.

    "It was like this place that I had in my imagination and I just painted it, you know, from that," he said. "So it’s very special. I gave it as a gift to, I think, the engineer that I record with."

  2. R. Kelly (Almost) Left Him Starstruck
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    OMI came so close to having a full-on freakout moment because he and R. Kelly were both scheduled to appear on "Good Day New York." Unfortunately, R. Kelly was trapped in some traffic, which is a bit disappointing since OMI knew exactly what he would say to him.

    "Just good job and thanks for being such a talented artist," he said. "And a talented musician for other young acts like myself to emulate and be proud of."

  3. He's Got An Empire Crush
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Looks like OMI has a bit of a crush on "Empire" star Taraji P. Henson, but let's be honest, who doesn't? She's beautiful, strong and ridiculously talented.

  4. Microphone Dropped...Literally
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    From forgetting lyrics to splitting their pants to falling, artists have suffered all types of embarrassing moments on stage -- OMI included.

    "I was supposed to walk up to the mic and start singing," he said, recalling a show that started with a hiccup. "Unfortunately, somebody had the bright idea to bring the mic backstage to give me, but they took a different route. So when I walked out on stage, the mic wasn’t there. The track already started playing, and I had to just wave to the crowd and smile and turn around and go back for the mic and start singing."

  5. Do You Want Paper or Plastic?
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    He may be a big-time singer now, but back in the day, OMI was bagging groceries at the local supermarket. OMI wasn't a fan of his first job, but it gave him time to dream big.

    "I’ve always had big dreams, but I’m not the type to you know sit down and not do anything," he said. "I believe that, you know, if you keep yourself occupied, you keep yourself busy, then you become more productive even without realizing it. You know you automatically become more productive and that was my aim."

  6. School-Time Jam Session
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Bored in school? Then why not turn your desk into a drum least that's what OMI did. No word on if his teachers enjoyed the background music.

  7. Is That Ne-Yo?
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Everyone has a doppelganger, it's just too bad that OMI's also happens to be a successful R&B singer: Ne-Yo. While he hasn't been mistaken for the "Let Me Love You" singer, he said he would totally play along if he was, and give a fan an autograph in his name.

  8. He Can't Live Without....Kidney Beans?
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Most people can't live without pizza, chips or pasta, but not OMI, he's going the healthy route because he can't live without his kidney beans.

    "I love, like, kidney beans and you can make like so many recipes with them," he said. "Mostly Jamaican cuisine. We have like rice and peas, bread pea soup, so that’s just my thing."