'Avengers': Which Ship Assembles To Become Your OTP?

From Science Bros to Clintasha and everybody in between.

Here is the thing about "The Avengers": you might not know this (although if you've been on the Internet for more than three seconds, you could probably guess), but it is a magical fandom for literally all kinds of shipping.

Think Clint Barton and Agent Phil Coulson didn't have nearly enough screen time to be totally in love with each other? Think again, because they are -- and Clint's also in love with Bruce Banner, who's in love with Natasha Romanova, who's in love with Bucky Barnes who's in love with Steve Rogers who's also in love with Phil Coulson. And EVERYBODY's in love with Tony Stark. Seriously. We checked.

While all of these ships manage to get along pretty harmoniously on the Internet, naturally everybody has their favorites -- and that's why we want to know which ones YOU love. Rank your OTPs and your No-TPs below, and if we missed your all time favorite ship then be sure to sing its praises in our comment section!