Did The Black Eyed Peas Rip Off Erykah Badu With Their New Video? Watch

You decide.

The Black Eyed Peas released a music video for their newest song "Yesterday" on Friday (July 17), and if you haven't seen it yet, you can watch below -- but do be warned the lyrics are definitely NSFW.

Pretty cool, right? Even without a trace of Fergie, they've got some real groove going on here.

But maybe you were also feeling a slight pang of déjà vu thanks to the vid's concept of retro record stores going all "Harry Potter" with the living cover art imagery? That nagging feeling that you've seen something like this before?

Yeah. You're totally not imagining things.

See, Erykah Badu kind of did it first with her acclaimed video for "Honey" back in 2008, and she felt the Peas' new vid was enough of a rip on her own to put the group on blast.

"I think THE BLACK EYES PEAS borrowed my idea a Lil lol," she wrote on Facebook Sunday (July 19).

Watching Badu's now seven-year-old vid again, it's pretty hard to deny that there are some serious similarities between the two, whether intentional on BEP's part or not.

"I'm gone beat up Will I AM," Badu joked (at least, we think she was kidding).

But Badu also proved that she believes in the "imitation is the highest form of flattery" line of logic as well, adding, "I wrote and directed this joint. Won best director @ VMA's. So I understand, Pasha Shapiro. Flattered. Cute video non the less."

Badu's "Honey" video, which she co-directed with Chris Robinson, was released as an homage to classic music. "We wanted a video that spoke to Badu's eclecticism," Robinson said at the time. "Those album covers represent all the influences that she embodies."

Clearly, she's an influencer as well.

As Badu mentioned in her FB post, her "Honey" video went on to win the 2008 MTV Video Music Award for Best Direction.