#SquadGoals: Get To Know The Team Behind 'Todrick'

Todrick Hall's new docu-series hits the small screen on August 31.

Bey and Nicki. North West and Penelope. Lorde and Taylor. We've all heard the term "squad" thrown left and right since 2015 struck at midnight of this year, but Todrick Hall is serving up a whole new definition of #squadgoals. After all, behind every Internet star lies a great crew … right?

When it comes to the newly minted MTV star's inner circle, Team Todrick works hard to make sure every video breaks the Internet and entertain Toddlerz around the world. So before "Todrick" hits the small screen on August 31, here's an introduction to some of the members of T's squad -- straight from Toddy himself!


"He basically assists me on every video. He also stars in some of the videos and he helps with props, costumes -- everything you need. Chester is like the closest friend slash assistant that I could ever ask for."

Nicole (aka LipstickNick)

"She does all the makeup and special makeup effects on all of the videos. She just makes sure that we all look snatched and flawless for every video, because when it goes viral, we want the screenshot to be fierce dot com."

Kaley (aka Kaley Cakes)

"She is an amazing dancer. She is the dance captain for almost all of our videos. She's gorgeous, she's super sweet, but most importantly, she's got huge cakes."


"You might recognize her from Season 4 of 'American Idol.' She was the second runner-up from Carrie Underwood's season. She is one of my best friends, but Vonzell is crazy. She has two personalities: Vonzell and Boomquisha. You don't wanna meet Boomquisha, honey."


"Carlie Craig is the thirstiest person I've ever met. She will do anything for an Instagram follower or to get a role in any video. She's always like 'Um, I can do it. I can take that role.' I'm like, 'The role is Rosa Parks. Uh, Carlie, it's not right for you.' And she'll be like, 'I can still portray this role if you give me the opportunity.' That's the type of person Carlie is. She's the sweetest person ever, but don't turn your back on her 'cause she'll steal your role."

To hear about the rest of Todrick's crew, watch the video below. And be sure to tune in to the series premiere of "Todrick" at 10/9c on Monday, August 31!