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I Watched Nat Wolff And Cara Delevingne Beat-Box Live And I Will Never Be The Same

Everyone gets a miracle, and this was my miracle.

In the ~eTeRnAL~ words of Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran -- and in the spirit of Margo Roth Spiegelman's eclectic penmanship -- EVeRythInG hAS cHAngEd.

Today (July 17), I witnessed the most incredible thing: an impromptu beat boxing sesh between Nat Wolff and Cara Delevingne. And it all went down just a few feet from my face. In all likelihood, Cara probably spit on me. I repeat: I might have Cara Delevingne's spit on my face -- and I am never washing it again.

I, along with 150 other lucky "Paper Towns" fans, watched Nat and Cara break it down at the "Get Lost Get Found" livestream concert and Q&A at YouTube Space LA. Not only did we learn amazing behind-the-scene tidbits from bestselling author John Green and the cast -- asked which line from the film was his favorite, Green said it's a line that cast Pokémon authority, Halston Sage, improvised -- but we also got to see our favorite group of humans just be themselves. Honestly, I don't think Green could have assembled a more perfect cast.

Nat and Cara have an incredible easygoingness about them. I can actually see them being friends IRL, which can't be said for a lot of costars. Plus, I kinda love Cara's quirky sense of humor and overall silliness/perfection.

I also learned that Cara was a huge fan of Nat and his little brother Alex's former project, The Naked Brothers Band, and that only made me love her even more. Don't worry, Cara. If I were starring in a movie with Nat, we'd harass him to sing "If That's Not Love" to us, too. (Also, maybe Nat and Cara should consider remixing "If That's Not Love" for 2015. JUST A THOUGHT.)

A few minutes later and Nat took the YouTube Space LA stage with his bro Alex (who's not so little anymore, FYI) to sing their new single "Look Outside," which is featured on the official "Paper Towns" soundtrack. Unsurprisingly, Nat & Alex Wolff were incredible. Their harmonies were so on point, but even more swoon-worthy was the super cool handshake they did before the set. Is that specifically a Wolff brother thing or can non-Wolffs join in? Just curious...

And then there was the man himself, John Green. I'm constantly amazed by how freakin' awesome he is to be around; he's like a force of positivity and goodness.

With two charismatic and playful leads like Nat and Cara, they definitely have a tendency to go off the rails, but Green, ever the captain, is always there to corse correct the conversation. Not to mention the man always knows the right things to say. If the whole writing and producing thing doesn't work out, Green could have a future in politics. #Nerdfighter4President.

Artists Saint Motel, Sam Bruno and Australian crooner Vance Joy also performed their "Paper Towns" songs live, which was a pretty cool experience. Sam Bruno, whose song "Search Party" was prominently featured in the film's trailer, gave me total Lady Gaga "Fame" era vibes.

At the end of the Q&A, Joy surprised the crowd -- and the "Paper Towns" cast -- with a performance of his hit song "Riptide." I'm not going to lie: when that happened, I'm pretty sure I had a spiritual awakening.

It's not every day you get to sing along to "Riptide" with Cara Delevingne. Now, ThAt's what I call living. I'd like to think Margo Roth Spiegelman would be proud.

"Paper Towns" hits theaters on July 24.