Pia Mia Is A Trained Street Fighter Who Can Make Candles, Plus 9 Other Big Secrets

All in GIFs!

With reporting by Cory Midgarden & GIFs by Jennifer Rivera

She's got a song that's climbing the charts, a style that is all her own and a bestie in Kylie Jenner.

She's 18-year-old Pia Mia, and just four years after moving from her native Guam, the emerging star is looking to take off with her single, "Do It Again," which features Chris Brown and Tyga.

But there is a lot to learn about Pia -- from her candle-making skills, to her being a trained street fighter -- and luckily, we are here to fill you in.

Get to know 11 fun facts about the up-and-coming singer...in GIFs!

  1. She Has A License...To Not Drive
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    She's licensed to drive, but Pia won't be getting behind the wheel of a car anytime soon -- she takes Uber or catches a ride with friends. Right before she took her driving test, she had a traumatizing experience.

    "My mom and younger brother were on the 405 in a Dodge Ram and they totaled the car – a taxi – whatever, it was a bad accident, traumatized, not doing it."

  2. She Will Kick Your Ass
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Like, no joke, she teaches Krav Maga, which is an Israeli form of self defense and street fighting, and it is intense.

    "I’ve always been interested in fighting. I don’t know, there’s just always been something about it. So when I found out about Krav Maga and started doing it, I just fell in love with it. They teach you so many interesting things: gun defense, knife defense, choke defense, in different scenarios. It’s not something you need like gear to be able to do out on the street. It’s something you can use literally anytime, anywhere."

  3. Flamin' Hot For Her Cheetos
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    It's been a battle she's been dealing with since she's 8 years old, but Pia cannot kick her "weird obsession" with Flamin' Hot Cheetos.

    "I can’t stop eating them. I need them every moment of my life. If you bring me Cheetos, I will be the happiest person on the planet."

    Oh, and her advice if you have any residue left on your fingers is to just "lick 'em" because "you can’t waste any of the flavor."

  4. She's A Binge-Watcher
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    If you're looking for an expert on "New Girl" (she considers herself just like Jess) or the "very intense, random deaths everywhere" in "House of Cards," then Pia is it. She just bing-watched the series in four days.

  5. Sister Drama...Over Their Name Of Their Future Babies
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Some sisters steal clothes, but these sisters steal names. Pia and her sister Candace both can't agree on who will name their baby "Serena," since they both love it. But it looks like Pia may have won this battle.

    "Candace, if you’re watching this, I’m naming her Serena. I shotgunned the name. I put it on camera, copyright!"

  6. She Gave Kanye And Drake A Private Concert
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    If you weren't aware, Pia and Kylie Jenner are pretty much BFFs. One night, Pia was over Kylie's having dinner with the fam (you know, Kim, Khloe, Kanye), when in walks Drake.

    "So I’m sitting at the table, Kanye looks over at me and goes Drake, this is Pia, she has really great style, she’s a dope artist, what do you think about her? She’s a great singer and Drake was like ‘oh yeah I think she’s really dope ‘and then Kanye was like sing something...So then I sang Drake the cover, [“Hold On, We’re Going Home”] which is a little nerve-wracking because I totally changed his song. But he really liked it and it was cool getting to sing in front of an artist that I’m obsessed with and that I look up to. It was great."

  7. Crushin' On Nic Nac
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Pia has got a huge crush, and we are pretty sure producer Nic Nac knows about it, since these two are dating IRL. They met while working on her album.

    "I think he’s really amazing in everything he does. He’s gorgeous. He’s an insane producer. He has, like, a golden ear."

  8. Candle Maker
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Looking for a last minute gift? Then give Pia a call. She loves making candles and just recently got really into it, thanks to one of her make-up artists.

    "I’m very into scents. I like everything to smell good. I’m very into vibe. Candle-lit dim lights."

  9. Must-Have Accessory
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    You may have noticed that Pia has a loving relationship with bandanas, and it's not going to end until she's sick of it.

    "I just find pieces that I love and just wear them until I get sick of them and just can’t do it anymore. But I think it’s cool to find specific fashion pieces and then build around them. I think that’s a way for people to find their style."

  10. She Was The Shy Type
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Before Pia found her sound and her style, she admits that she used to "not be able to communicate very well" because she was painfully shy.

    "I had anxiety. I would communicate through my parents sometimes to talk to people and was not until music that I was able to be who I am and be confident and not afraid to show myself."

  11. Eyelashes Are Everything
    MTV | Jennifer Rivera

    Pia is "very into glam," but if there is one thing she can't live without is a "good lash," but if you catch her on a good lash day, please, don't make her cry.

    "I feel like if you’ve got a good lash on, nothing can take you down. I feel like my lashes also show my mood, like I cry my eyelashes off a lot. I’m sensitive. I cry my lashes off. If it’s a day where I cry my lashes off, maybe you don’t want to say something a little hurtful."