'Scream' Scandal: What Do Will And Jake Have On Mayor Maddox?

The high school buddies are extorting none other than Brooke's dad.

The jig is up.

After weeks of Will and Jake exhibiting some seriously shady behavior on "Scream," the duo's secret was finally revealed: They're running a blackmail operation.


Apparently, the high school buds had been in cahoots with the dearly departed Nina and Tyler, and when those two became the masked killer's very first victims, Will thought their operation was also DOA. But this week, he got into Duke University -- and money came back on his mind.

"[My father] will never co-sign for student loans, so that's it," said the basketball star, who would need a whopping $63K because a scholarship didn't pan out. "I'm never getting out of here."

But Jake had an idea.

"If you need fast cash for tuition, there is another option," he offered. "We can finish what Nina and Tyler started."

"Blackmail?" Will asked. "We're finally in the clear and you want to dive back in?"

Aaaand of course he did: Sketchy Jake insisted that he and his pal could easily get away with demanding a few bucks from the unnamed person they'd apparently been often extorting.

Will, however, foresaw one problem: "We don't even have the video -- it's on Nina's laptop," he said, leading Jake to reveal that he'd never deleted all the computer files he promised to 86 a few weeks ago and still had a copy.

"We have another opportunity," Jake argued. "If the guy balks, then we walk. No harm, no foul. But if he pays -- hello, Duke."

The guy? WHAT guy?

Apparently, Mayor Maddox (aka Brooke's father). By episode's end, the local politician got a disturbing text with the message: "It's not over! Time for another $100K."

Holy cow -- they're extorting THE MAYOR?

But what could they possibly have on him? So far, we don't know much about Mr. Maddox -- except that he's kinda creepy, calling Brooke "kitten" and making her uncomfortable by doing things like putting his hand on her leg out by the pool (did anyone else catch that?).

He also has an absentee wife who, as he says, "has perfected the art of avoidance" -- currently, she's away in Sri Lanka. And he's not very good at communicating with his daughter. When the high school hottie was distressed that her peers made a twisted poll asking who they wanted to see on the killer's "chopping block" next -- umm, she was winning by a landslide -- she and dear ol' dad had a sit-down that ended with her storming off. Still, none of that is worthy of blackmail: It all comes down to the aforementioned "video."

So what's on it? We already know Emma and Will's very first romantic liaison was filmed -- it even got uploaded for all the world to see (thanks SO much, Noah and Audrey). Does the (married) mayor also have an illicit sex tape? Or has he done something even shadier? And will Will agree to "dive back in" to the blackmail operation so that he can go to the college of his dreams and finally get out of Lakewood? Tell us what you think in the comments, and tune in to another episode of “Scream” on Tuesday at 10/9c!