Kid Cudi Starred In A 'Walking Dead' Parody And Gave Us This Now-Iconic Vine

Shrug off your woes with this hilarious shrugs Cudi.

Ever wondered how Kid Cudi would manage himself during a zombie apocalypse? Thanks to tonight's (July 16) episode of IFC's "Comedy Bang Bang," we now know.

The rapper/actor made a guest appearance on the sketch comedy-meets-late night talk show to star in an awesome "Walking Dead" spoof aptly titled "The Shaking Head." In the clip, Kid Cudi offers solemn, silent replies to host and co-creator Scott Aukerman's questions about who's still alive in the zombie apocalypse.

Judging by this sketch, it's safe to say we can all retire ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ and replace it with the now-iconic "Zombie Kid Cudi Shrug Vine." Here are six ways you can use it in everyday life.

  1. Want your teammates in the summer basketball league to know you're the undead Michael Jordan?
  2. Lost your friend's copy of "What About Bob" on DVD/Blueray?
  3. Been listening to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" on repeat for two hours at full volume, only to have the landlord text you a "WTF"?
  4. Ate all the Bagel Bites but left the empty box in the freezer for your roommate to find?
  5. Running through the 6 with your woes?
  6. Ate your best friend's girlfriend because it's the zombie apocalypse?