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Here's The One Reason A Person Would Pass On Being In The 'Harry Potter' Spin-Off

The ONLY reason.

What would it take for you to pass up the opportunity to have an epic wand fight with J.K. Rowling and then star in her new "Harry Potter" spin-off movie series? We'd really like to know because for us, the very idea is utterly inconceivable.

For Michael Cera, however, the world of witchcraft and wizardry must be slightly less enchanting than the toy building blocks scene. Because while he reportedly passed on the opportunity to star in "Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them" -- for reasons we will probably never understand -- he's totally down for sidekicking it up in "Lego Batman."

Per The Wrap, Cera is nearing a deal to star in the "Lego Movie" sequel as Robin, with Will Arnett returning to voice Batman for the animated flick.

It's unclear which "Fantastic Beasts" role Cera was offered, but unless it was a one-liner squib role, it was surely worthy of his time. That said, being second place in the "Lego" sequel isn't a bad get either, and Cera has some experience behind the mic for animated fare thanks to his work on TV series like "Rolie Polie Olie" and "Braceface." He'll also be among the vocal stars of Evan Goldberg's "Sausage Party" which is about an existential sausage (because why not).

Still, it's too bad Cera didn't have a copy of Hermione's time-turner necklace handy so that he could be in two places at once and do both. Being a member of the "Fantastic Beasts" squad must be just magic.