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R. Kelly Might Just Sing This Super Raunchy Classic At Iggy And Swaggy’s Wedding

Iggy and Swaggy might get this gift from R. Kelly.

Iggy Azalea and Nick "Swaggy P" Young - like any couple planning a wedding - are thinking about a wedding singer. Only theirs might be the iconic R. Kelly and the lovely couple's first dance? Well, that could be the singer's super raunchy "Marry The P---y." And no, we're not kidding.

Kells actually confirmed this on Thursday (July 16) during an interview with TMZ. "I didn't think it was real until I met my man today," he explained. "And now that I know it's real, we have to sit down and discuss the logistics of the whole thing."

And what about Nick's wish for Kelly to sing "Marry The P---y?" "I never thought anybody on the planet would come and ask me to sing it for a wedding," the R&B legend said. "But you know what? It should be fine."

How did this whole thing come about? Here's a little rundown.

Let's hope R. Kelly can do it. But, if he can't do it, maybe 2 Chainz will be available.