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Ed Sheeran's Releasing A Mysterious Collaboration: 7 Guesses At Who It Could Be With

Ed gave us a clue that it's someone he's teamed up with in the past.

Ed Sheeran is about to release new music... kind of.

The "Photograph" singer revealed to Global’s Kevin Hughes that while he will not be releasing any new singles off his Multiply album, there "will be another song that comes out over the summer, with someone else.”

That's not all he divulged, Ed said that this mystery song will be happening with someone that he's collaborated with before. So who could it be? Well, here are a few guesses.

  1. Martin Garrixx

    The EDM producer gave us a first listen to his collaboration with Ed, the infectious track "Rewind, Repeat It," back in March. Since then, both have been pretty quiet about the project, but with serious song of the summer potential, they should definitely consider releasing this as a single.

  2. Beyoncé

    Sure they haven't collaborated on an original song together, but if you remember the two shared the stage at Stevie Wonder's tribute concert back in February. Since then, Ed's wined and dined with Bey and Jay Z, so maybe they've been talking music over all those fancy dinners.

  3. Tori Kelly

    Ed teamed up with Tori for her single, "I Was Made For Loving You," off her debut album Unbreakable Smile. Since Ed has been killing the charts with ballads lately -- "Thinking Out Loud," "Photograph" -- and Tori is riding the wave off the release of her LP, this matchup could definitely be a contender to be the next single.

  4. Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

    Macklemore & Ryan Lewis promised there was new music coming this year, and I think now would be a good time to release it. Ed joined Macklemore on stage during the iHeart Radio Music Festival to perform "Same Love" -- so maybe that was a tease of what's to come.

  5. Hoodie Allen

    It hasn't been too long since Ed teamed up with Hoodie to dress up as muscle-swollen superheroes for the music video for Hoodie's single "All About It," but that doesn't mean there can't be a round two in the works.

  6. Taylor Swift

    Pretty sure this isn't happening since Taylor won't be releasing any new music any time soon, but a girl can dream of a remix, right?

  7. One Direction
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    Sure, they've never appeared on a song together, but Ed has written a few songs for the guys -- "18," "Little Things," -- and since they're releasing a new album this fall, and maybe looking for a new member since Zayn is gone, this could be the perfect time to release a 1D/Ed duet.