Nick Cannon's New Animated Web Series 'FU' Isn't The F.U. You're Thinking About

Watch the trailer for MTVOther's upcoming cartoon comedy from the 'Wild 'N Out' frontman!

If you're a fan of "Wild 'N Out," college football and cartoons, then Nick Cannon has two letters for you: F and U.

Yes, we totally know what phrase popped into your brain, and no, the veteran MTV host didn't just curse you out. The "FU" we're talking about stands for "Football U," MTVOther's new animated sketch series about the high-speed world of collegiate gridiron.

From the 50-yard line to the locker room, the wacky characters of "FU" (all football players and coaches, of course) break rule after rule in the playbook of life, college and sports. In fact, this raunchy show has it's very own disclaimer.

"We got buttless print pants, Albanian gangsters. We got sex scandals. There's nothing crazier than college football except for my cartoon about college football," Cannon reveals in the trailer video.

Voiced by the multi-talented actor himself, along with stars DeRay Davis, Corey Holcombe, Karlous Miller, Lauren Flans and Jacob Williams, "FU" comes right in time for the start of this year's NCAA season. Touchdown Team Cannon, indeed.

Watch the full trailer below, and catch all six episodes of "Football U" here!