Luke Hemmings Got Showered With Birthday Love And 5SOS Fan Art: See The Pics!

Happy 19th birthday, Luke!

It's Luke Hemmings' 19th birthday! The youngest member of 5SOS has a lot to celebrate today -- not only has he officially entered the last of his teen years, but he's also dropping a brand new single tomorrow: "She's Kinda Hot."

But Luke isn't the only one commemorating his big day -- the 5SOS Fam are as well, obviously. And how are they doing it? Luke is currently being showered with some pretty special birthday fan art.

So let's celebrate Luke's big 1-9 with a look at these 19 pieces of fan art that are creative, impressive and were made with love, just for Luke.

  1. I really hope this is how his bandmates wake Luke up on his birthday morning.
  2. This is his 'oh, you shouldn't have bought me all these presents' face.
  3. Luke gets turned into a cartoon.
  4. Not quite done, but this one rocks.
  5. You can't have a birthday without a cake smash.
  6. Or a misplaced party hat.
  7. Perfectly sculpted eyebrows.
  8. He's thinking, 'This could be the best birthday ever.'
  9. High five, it's Luke's birthday!
  10. Can't leave home without his guitar.
  11. Or his lip ring.
  12. Time to party!
  13. Giving some good birthday advice.
  14. I imagine this is what he looks like when he gives birthday hugs.
  15. Double the Luke, double the fun.
  16. Birthday with your besties.
  17. Just in case he forgets how old he is.
  18. Don't mess with his penguins on his big day.
  19. Nothing but love, Luke! Happy Birthday!