Morgan Evans Learns That Parents Just Don't Understand

Shouldn't your dad be one of your biggest fans?

As the great Will Smith once said: "Parents just don't understand." And in Morgan Evans' case, they really, really don't understand.

This time around, "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV" takes Morgan back to his famed producer father's swanky house in Los Angeles, where he contemplates leaving show business for good.

"It's turning me into an a--hole," Morgan says about his time in L.A. "I made it, then I started treating people terribly."

But his dad begs to differ.

"You're an a--hole, Morgan," he says. "It's not show business. You've always been an a--hole."

The confrontation gets even uglier as father and son dig deeper into the past, airing their frustrations with one another until dad finally loses his cool.

"You think I like producing movies that star dogs? I did that for you when you were eight years old and you wanted to see a border collie president. Done! Border collie president," the angry patriarch says about his movie-making decisions.

For a moment, Morgan looks guilty for escalating the explosive conversation -- but another family member arrives and quickly changes the mood: his mom.

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