Someone Give Channing Tatum His Badge For Assisting The Elderly

The 'Gambit' star helping Stan Lee off the SDCC stage = aggressively heartwarming.

Today in proof that Channing Tatum is the best person on the planet: a snippet of video taken at San Diego Comic-Con shows him rushing to help 92 year-old Stan Lee down the stairs (while a critical mass of actual Marvel heroes don't even notice that their creator could use a hand.)

The GIFs speak for themselves; all you need to do is watch them and then clutch your heart while making involuntary "Awwwww!" noises.

Channing had popped onstage at the Marvel panel to represent the upcoming Gambit movie, and also to take the best group photo ever of Stan Lee surrounded by all his superheroes.

Meanwhile, after Channing finishes bringing Gambit to life onscreen, there's another live-action version of a beloved animated original he'd clearly be perfect for.

Stan Lee can play Mr. Frederickson, obviously.