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Jake Gyllenhaal's 'Southpaw' Training Video Will Make You Sweat

This. Is. Intense.

Let's get ready to rumble!

... OK, really it's more like CRUMPLE into our seats from the nervous secondhand sweats that this behind-the-scenes video of Jake Gyllenhaal training for "Southpaw" induces. Because, seriously, we're getting sore just even watching this clip unfold with Jakey G going all-out to embody Billy Hope -- emphasis on body.

Might as well change his name to Jake GYM-n-HAUL for purposes of this movie's credits because director Antoine Fuqua pretty much had him locked in the ring to prepare for his turn as the the pic.

"I said, 'You have to train like a fighter. I can't have you faking it. You have to be in the gym twice a day, every day, even on Sundays,'" he explained of Jake's rigorous schedule.

But instead of leaving the actor to fend for himself on the ropes, he joined in on all the vigorous conditioning too.

"It was amazing to have the director there with you, pushing you everyday - I’m like 'Sometimes I’m tired,' [and] he’s like, ‘well we’re there at 8:30’ or ‘we’re there at 4:30 a.m.’ That motivation, that sacrifice is what drove both of us," remembered Gyllenhaal.

By the time the team was ready to roll, Jake had some serious "swagger" and "rhythm as a fighter," said his director. And besides his boss demanding sparring sessions on the daily, it was Jake's own set of self-motivational skills that took him to the 12th round.

"I knew nothing about boxing when I started," said Jake. "I knew that for me to pull it off in any way, I was just going to have to learn how to do it. And when I set my mind to something, I won’t stop ‘til I do it. It’s something I pride myself on. it’s something I hate about myself. By the end, I felt like I could do it."

"Southpaw" hits theaters on July 24.