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9 Essential Tips For Surviving Your Very First Music Festival

Be prepared to have an awesome time!

There are the free spirits who can go to a music festival and have an amazing time with nothing more than a headband made of flowers... and then there are the over-planners: Will I be able to carry water? If we're sitting on grass, how big should my blanket be? Should I buy DRI-fit shirts since it'll be hot? What if it rains?

For us Type A people, music festivals can be overwhelming, but fear not! Here are some tips to help you survive your first music festival.

  1. First thing's first: plan who you're going to see.

    The lineups can be packed with amazing artists -- figure out which ones you want to see and at what times they perform. Most fests have handy apps to help you with their endeavor -- Pitchfork's (which takes place THIS WEEKEND) is right hereabouts. #organized

  2. Plan to have little to no reception.

    Save all those awesome IG pictures for later. Besides, you should be listening to the music -- not Snapchatting or whatever.

  3. Snacks and water are a must!

    Sure, you might not want to carry too much around, but water and food are essential! The weather will most likely be super hot and the food vendor lines will be way too long. Make sure you bring enough water and some small snacks so that you don't pass out and end up missing an awesome lineup. That is, of course, if venues allow you to bring these items into the fest -- check out the guidelines before packing up.

  4. Wear sunscreen!

    Whether it's cloudy or straight-up blindingly sunny, you'll be needing that layer of protection from the glorious sun! Make sure you reapply and have a high SPF -- a.k.a. be responsible.

  5. Bring hand sanitizer and other wipes.

    Two words: Porta johns. You'll wish you had that sanitizer handy (hehe) after visiting one of those.

  6. Dress for hot AF weather.

    Now is the time to break out the short shorts and crop tops! Dress comfortably -- but on the light side. Also, wear shoes that you have no emotional to; chances are they'll get a beating.

  7. Stick together or have a plan.

    If you and your friends want to split up, make sure you have a plan! Decide to meet at a certain location at a specific time. Remember, cellphone connection won't be at its best, so if possible just stick together.

  8. Book a hotel.

    Between the horrible parking and the fact that anything can happen, it's recommended that you find yourself a hotel room. Split it with friends and enjoy the experience! That way, if at any point you want leave the event early, you're free to crash at your nearby hotel room. Unless you're camping -- in which case, good luck and godspeed.

  9. Have fun!

    If you relax and go with the flow, you'll have an awesome time!