Getty Images/Michael Bezjian

21 Times Becky G Was One Of Us

From washing dishes to pumping her own gas -- she's still Becky G from the block.

From singin' in the shower to dominating on "Ellen", Becky G has become quite the pop sensation.

Don't let her success fool you, though -- Becky G still likes to keep it real by doing all the little common things us non-celebrities do. Thanks to her Instagram account, we were able to round up all of her #grounded moments.

  1. She pumps her own gas.
  2. She also ties her hair up after a long day.
  3. She eats donuts. Who doesn't?
  4. She enjoys sipping on Starbucks.
  5. She goes to the movies.
  6. She eats pretzels.
  7. She washes dishes.
  8. She celebrates with her family.
  9. She also uses apps.
  10. She can kill a pizza.
  11. She eats instant ramen.
  12. She colors.
  13. She goes to the zoo.
  14. She likes to lounge on her couch, too.
  15. She loves Disney World.
  16. She likes to tan.
  17. She goes through the drive-thru with her BFF.
  18. She also takes tests.

    "Coffee and the keys to grandpas whip to get ready for my 📋🚦"

  19. She takes pictures with her friends.
  20. She orders Thin Mints.
  21. She spends quality time with her familia.