Jessica Chastain Did Not Have Fun Making 'Crimson Peak,' For All The Right Reasons

It's going to be a bloody good time.

With Reporting by Josh Horowitz

Are you looking forward to "Crimson Peak," the haunted house thriller from Guillermo del Toro? If not, here's Jessica Chastain with a ringing endorsement to get you amped up:

"I definitely did not have fun making this movie."

Uh, er… that can't be right. The Oscar-nominated actor got to lurk throughout a haunted house that lived in del Toro's twisted mind long before living in the real world. How can that not be fun?

Here's how Chastain explains it: "I play a complicated character. Sometimes when you play those characters… if your character isn't having fun, then you're not having fun."

That makes more sense, and it certainly fits with what we know about Chastain's character and the movie at large. "Crimson Peak" focuses on American writer Edith Cushing (played by Mia Wasikowska) who moves back to her husband's England home, a rotting and decaying manor sitting atop a mountain of sinful secrets. Chastain plays Lucille Sharpe, the troubled sister of Cushing's husband Thomas (Tom Hiddleston), and when we say troubled, we mean it.


"I had moments making this film where I started in makeup, and Guillermo starts throwing fake blood on me," she recalls. "I thought, 'This is a moment to remember!'"

Yeah, so maybe it makes sense that "Crimson Peak" wasn't such a fun time for Chastain — but it certainly sounds like a blast for all of us sitting far, far away from that blood-drenched makeup chair.

"Crimson Peak" hits theaters on October 16.