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10 Musicians You Didn’t Know Doubled As Comic Book Creators

From Grimes to Gerard Way, these artists create via sound AND sight.

A lot happened at San Diego Comic-Con this past weekend. Like, A LOT. And between the first-look previews at oddball comic squads and titanic trailers for dueling superheroes, there was a whole world of exciting smaller moments, too.

One of them came from Grimes, who revealed on Twitter that she had collaborated with the creators of "The Wicked + The Divine" on a variant cover of the Image comic's latest issue.

The howling skull-creature centerpiece recalls the cover of her 2012 album, Visions, which she also designed herself. Pretty perfect for a comic "where gods are the ultimate pop stars."

This got us thinking about the various musician-turned-comic-artist experimentations we've seen over the years. Find those below, then tell us: Which of your favorites did we miss?

  1. Gerard Way - "The Umbrella Academy" - 2007
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    The My Chemical Romance frontman-turned-solo artist dreamed up this romantic superhero story back in 2007, and the series even grabbed an Eisner Award for Best Finite Series/Limited Series the next year. Soon, we just might see "The Umbrella Academy" on television. Well played, Way.

  2. Ghostface Killah - "Twelve Reasons To Die" - 2013
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    Producer Adrian Younge teamed up with Ghostface and fellow Wu-Tang Clan member RZA to bring this revenge-crime story to life in 2013 -- all in conjunction with Ghostface's pretty cool concept album of the same name.

  3. Amanda Palmer - "Evelyn Evelyn" - 2011
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    Palmer launched Evelyn Evelyn as a musical project in 2007, then released a comic incarnation four years later. Naturally, it featured all the dark, cabaret-inspired theatrics she's made a career out of.

  4. Courtney Love - "Princess Ai" - 2004
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    Was "Princess Ai" based on Love's own adventures in the grunge spotlight fronting her band Hole in the 1990s? It's definitely possible -- though she never grew a set of wings (as far as we know). Love co-wrote this manga with Stu Levy, aka D.J. Milky, a decade ago.

  5. Claudio Sanchez (of Coheed & Cambria) - "The Amory Wars" - 2000
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    Coheed & Cambia's entire discography is based on this sci-fi comic series (mind = blown, right?) that details an eternal struggle of good against evil. Who wins? The clues are all in the songs, man!

  6. Jane Wiedlin - "Lady Robotika" - 2010
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    After The Go-Go's said goodbye five years ago, guitarist Jane Wiedlin picked up another pursuit: starring in her own comic series as a rock-and-roll-cyborg version of herself. It worked well and even spawned a "space opera" sci-fi musical in 2014.

  7. Darryl McDaniels (of Run-DMC) - "DMC" - 2013
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    What if Run-DMC never assembled as a rap crew and DMC opted to turn his Adidas tracksuit into a superhero outfit instead? That's essentially the premise of his new comic series, which features DMC smashing criminals in drug- and corruption-ridden '80s New York.

  8. Max Bemis (of Say Anything) - "Polarity" - 2013
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    The Say Anything frontman used his struggle with bipolar disorder in his 20s to write "Polarity," a comic that details the life of a young artist fighting the same battle.

  9. Daniel Johnston - "Space Ducks: An Infinite Comic Book of Musical Greatness" - 2012
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    Johnston, a Kurt Cobain style inspiration and indie music folk hero, was always a cartoonist. This 2012 collection of drawings and surreal stories helped him achieve notoriety for that talent after a lifetime spent fighting mental illness.

So, what's YOUR favorite music artist/comic book team-up?