Meet The Abandoned Cat Everyone Is Cheering For This Morning

Ryan Adams spurred a kitty rescue in a New Zealand cemetery.

There's one little abandoned tuxedo kitten from an New Zealand cemetery that has quite the online following now. Musician (and famed feline friend) Ryan Adams found the cat while taking a night stroll to avoid jet lag on Monday (July 13), and alerted the Internet: "Please any local cat rescue in Auckland, there's a little black kitten Symonds & Grafton- in Cemetery. Abandoned," he wrote on Twitter.

Soon enough, a guy named Rob came through, preparing to get the tiny nugget. All the while, I'm biting my nails as I watch it all go down on my phone this morning (there's a 12-hour time difference between us).

The search unfolded right in front of our eyes as Adams gave step-by-step instructions on how to find the kitten.

And everyone was like, um, Ryan, why were in a cemetery at night?

And guess what? Rob found her!

So he put some treats in a box so the kitty will get in. The suspense!

But nope. Some possums scare her away. Rob gets some backup and now there's a hashtag for the fluffball.

As with all cats, it takes a long time to gain their trust.

To be continued...

Hopefully, Rob finds the kitty, but to many of us, he's already a hero.