A Sexy Former Vampire Just Joined The 'Supergirl' Cast

Peter Facinelli is the series' newest cast member.

Ever since he stole our hearts as the icy-hot physician patriarch of the Cullen family, we've longed to see Peter Facinelli return to doing what he does best: Playing a wealthy, enigmatic man with a mysterious past and a family dynamic that's, well, complicated.

So, we're totally stoked to hear that the actor is coming to the "Supergirl" series in a recurring role as Maxwell Lord, as announced at San Diego Comic-Con and according to a report from TV Line.

Facinelli is in the perfect position to join a new show, now that "Nurse Jackie" (where he also played a doctor, although not a vampire, at least as far as we know) has come to a close. And if you're wondering how much this new role has in common with his previous, beloved one as Carlisle Cullen? Let's just say there's a convincing argument to be made that they're basically the same person:

  • They're both rolling in money.

    The Maxwell Lord of the "Supergirl" series will be a green tech billionaire -- which is just the sort of savvy investment that the head honcho of the Cullen family would make if he needed to live incognito for awhile.

  • They both know how to make powerful friends.

    Without giving too much away, let's just say that the Maxwell Lord of the comics shares Carlisle Cullen's savvy when it comes to forming alliances, whether it's with a wolf pack or a justice league.

  • And they're both... not entirely human.

    Although he might be just a businessman to begin with, the Maxwell Lord of the DC universe ultimately undergoes an extraordinary transformation that gives him certain abilities which are not unlike those of certain vampires. Coincidence? Probably not.