9 Times ‘Deadpool’ Basically Stole The Show At Comic-Con

Like a testicle with teeth, that one.

The end of San Diego Comic-Con is almost upon us, and we think it's fair to say that the comic book icon "Deadpool" had a really, really good year -- in no small part to the epic first look we got at his solo movie coming out this February.

Sit yourself down with a nice plate of chimichangas and check out just what exactly made the merc with the mouth the hero to beat:

  1. The Golden Girls

    Before Comic-Con even got underway, the cast of the movie had a little fun by revealing their character portraits via a series of "Golden Girls" theme song-inspired tweets. Thank you for being a friend TOO, Ryan Reynolds!

  2. The Mockingpool

    After this weekend's amazing "Mockingjay Part Two" footage and trailer, fans noticed a pretty big resemblance Katniss has to ANOTHER superhero in red.

  3. The Cosplay!
    MTV News/Colin Gray

    Follow this awesome lady from our genderbent cosplay series on Instagram!

  4. And Such Great Toys, too!

    Even as an action figure, Wade Wilson is pretty slick.

  5. Ryan Reynolds Totally Getting His Character

    As he told MTV News this weekend, he knows exactly how annoying Deadpool can be -- and freaking loves it.

  6. Ed Skrein Getting His Character, Too

    The former "Game of Thrones" actor totally feels for the "Deadpool" villain Ajax -- which is good, because Ajax can't really feel much of anything himself.

  7. T.J. Miller's Awesome Panel Style

    Where can we get one of those?

  8. The Footage So Nice They Showed It Twice

    You can read all about it in our full coverage of the best trailer moments, but suffice it to say that the new material they showed to their Hall H panel yesterday tore the roof off the place -- to the point where fans demanded that they show the trailer a second time.

  9. The Epic Non-Marvel Studios Marvel Selfie

    Deadpool teamed up with the X-Men and the Fantastic Four AND Stan Lee himself to bring you what's got to be the most amazing comic book movie crossover of all time.