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Sofia Vergara Wore Joe Manganiello As Her Birthday Outfit: See The Pics

Brb, updating our 'Magic Mike' fanfic.

Sofía Vergara turned 43 on Friday, and she had a totes casual celebration.

She drank out of a chalice (who doesn't own at least three of these?)

She had five cakes, nbd.

And a mariachi band, because obviously.

And she accessorized a T-shirt emblazoned with a picture of fiancé Joe Manganiello as a centaur with a tiara and a sash.


We need to talk about this T-shirt WHAT SORCERY IS THIS.

A++++++. We can't think of anyone who wouldn't sport a shirt bearing the majestic image of a Joe Manganiello torso-horse hybrid. This genius must be mass-produced and shared with the world! And then we need a movie starring Centaur Joe, along with a spinoff TV show, a book deal and a series of graphic novels.

Sofía, you sure know how to birthday.