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'Victor Frankenstein': Watch Daniel Radcliffe In The Monstrous New Trailer

It's Frankenstein like you've never seen before.

"It's alive!"

"Yes, that's rather obvious!"

That's just a small sample of the dialogue you can expect from "Victor Frankenstein," a retelling of the classic Mary Shelley horror story from the perspective of Igor (Daniel Radcliffe) and with James McAvoy in the title role.

The first-ever trailer, which has been described as a "love story between these two men," premiered during the 20th Century Fox San Diego Comic-Con panel last month. Now a new cut of the trailer has finally made its way online, complete with an amazing introduction by McAvoy and Radcliffe themselves:

Is anyone else getting some "Young Frankenstein?" vibes? Because we certainly want to walk this way.

"Victor Frankenstein" hits theaters November 25.