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DC Officially Confirms 'Green Lantern Corps' Movie

The Lantern Corp is about to get a lot bigger.

Update: The image accompanying the "Green Lantern Corps" announcement was of an illustration that looked remarkably like Chris Pine, which caused a lot of fans tweeting from inside the panel to draw conclusions based on rumors from earlier this week that he'd been offered the lead. As of now, we can't confirm who Warner Bros. pick for the lead Lantern actually is.

Original story follows.

Let those who worship evil's might beware the power of Green Lantern's light once again -- at today's San Diego Comic-Con Hall H panel, Warner Brothers and DC comics announced that a new film based on the Green Lantern is in the works.

Called "The Green Lantern Corps," the movie is rumored to star Chris Pine as the lead, according to sources within Hall H who say the studio showed a quick image of him in a line-up of their upcoming film. Note that this doesn't put Tyrese Gibson out of the running for fan favorite lantern John Stewart (no relation to the retiring "Daily Show" host), because if the title is any indication then this new film will delve deep into the Green Lantern lore from the comics -- which means there's plenty of room for everybody.

Most movie-goers probably remember the Green Lantern's story from Ryan Reynolds' 2011 film, in which pilot Hal Jordan comes across the wreckage of an alien ship and is granted the ability to protect the Earth with a superpowered ring. This also makes him a part of the Green Lantern Corps, which is basically an intergalactic police force -- and while he's the first human to join, he's certainly not the last.

So who's Pine going to play? Odds are that he'll be Hal Jordan, but we don't know for sure. What we do know is that the newly announced "Green Lantern Corp" will keep the 2020 release date that DC Comics first announced in their superhero movie schedule.