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Everybody Go Home: Bryan Cranston Is Now The King Of Mic Drops

DAMN, Mr. White!

It can be pretty nerve-wracking to talk to a celebrity you love watching on TV. Of course, it's 10x harder when that celebrity completely burns you in front of a roomful of people.

At San Diego Comic-Con Thursday (July 9), a fan in the audience worked up the courage to ask "Breaking Bad" star Bryan Cranston how he enjoyed filming the series in New Mexico, since the fan grew up there. Without missing a beat, Cranston tosses out this epic burn.

Oh. My. God. He actually went there. To make this moment even better, Cranston literally drops the microphone, causing the audience to erupt with screams and laughter. We are not worthy, King Cranston.

After the joke, he just sits there with this cheeky grin on his face, clearly proud of himself. (As he totally should be.)

"I am king of all mic drops. Bow before me." — Bryan Cranston, probably.

Watch the full exchange below.

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