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'The 100' Cast Reveals Why The Show Is So Sex-Positive

"I think hopefully in the future, there won't be slut-shaming."

If you're not watching The CW's epic dystopian sci-fi series "The 100" you're totally missing out -- because not only does the show have action, drama, and the most kick-ass female heroine on television, but it's also diverse, empowering to women and the LGBT community, and completely non-judgmental when its characters have sex. Particularly the female ones.

So, when a few crucial members of "The 100" cast -- Lindsey Morgan, Bob Morley, and Ricky Whittle -- came to visit MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con, we made sure to ask how it felt to be on a show that was so refreshingly sex-positive. Their answers were alternatively thoughtful and extremely silly.

"The cool thing about sci-fi is we are in the future," Morgan said. "So we get to present a world as if it's progressed from where it is now. I think hopefully in the future, there won't be slut-shaming, there won't be such a double-standard for women having sex. It will be in a positive manner. I think that's what our show resembles is that this is the future, and times have changed, so it's just kind of like, 'the ladies do what they do.'"

"Safely," Whittle added... and after that, the conversation descended into hilarious madness about condoms, lubrication, Twinkies and cockroaches, so just watch and enjoy. (And of course, be safe!)