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Watch Paul Rudd Play Super Nintendo In This Throwback '90s Ad

That huge screen makes him look like an ant. Go figure.

Just when we thought Paul Rudd couldn't be any cuter, the internet went and dug up this 1991 throwback commercial video of the "Ant-Man" star gaming hard with his Super Nintendo system at a drive-in movie theater screen (um, great idea BTW).

He was so into it and just amazed by all the graphics (which are obviously terrible by today's standards, but were pure wonder back then).

And while the focus of the vid is on "Zelda" and "Sim City" and such, we spotted "Super Play Action Football" there at the 0:12 mark. Which is kind of funny because 20-plus years later, he was the star of a football video game-related ad for "Madden '13" -- and NES' long-time competitor PlayStation. Ouch. (But to be fair to Paul here, how much loyalty could Nintendo really expect after two decades?)

This is almost as adorable as that time we got to see his fantastic fratboy hair from his Sigma Nu class pic at the University of Kansas. Almost.