11-Year-Old Bullied Boy Reads Trolls’ Comments To Help Others

You are not alone.

Anyone who has an online presence can find themselves the victim of cyberbullying. One 11-year-old boy on YouTube has decided to take cyberbullying head-on.

Logan has been seen in some of his dad’s previous YouTube videos, but when he said he wanted to talk about cyberbullying, his father was initially hesitant. “[B]ut he [Logan] insisted that if there was a chance it could help someone then why not face his online bullies and try,” his dad wrote on his YouTube account. “I hope one day I have as much courage as he does.”

In the short video that’s quickly going viral, Logan explained he wanted to do this “to encourage other people to not bully people online. And my second reason is to encourage other people that have been bullied to not let words hurt them.”

And then he began reading out loud the some of the comments he’s received on YouTube, including:

“He looks like such a stupid fatso.”

“I’m surprised he fits in the front seat.”

“I hope that he dies.”

“He is so ugly and big.”

“I hope he gets cancer.”

“Stop dancing, fatass. You are wasting water.”

“Fat piece of sh*t.”

It’s hard to imagine why anyone would write this sort of thing, yet this is not a unique experience for many people online. Logan sounds sad while reading these things, but keeps up his bravery.

“I hope that people don’t bully other people online anymore and that this helps,” he said at the end of the video. “And people that have been bullied, don’t let these words affect you.”

His dad remains amazed by Logan’s video, and updated the YouTube page with this note, “Logan's birthday is in a couple weeks and people have expressed a desire to be able to leave him birthday wishes. I'm currently trying to find a way to make this birthday extra special. If anyone has any ideas let me know. After going through the difficulty of this video I want to make this birthday his best yet.”

From here at MTV, we’re definitely wishing Logan a great twelfth birthday, and we salute him for taking on this emotional, but important issue!