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7 Reasons We LOVE Rachel McAdams' Bob 'Do

We're obsessed.

Scroll back through a history of Rachel McAdams pics and you will have a hair chameleon on your hands, but don't worry because we don't *think* she bites.

Rachel's pretty much given every look under the yellow sun (including that exact color, in fact) a whirl of the years, but she can officially stop now. Because this ... this is the one.

Rachel appeared at the Canadian premiere of "Southpaw" -- her boxing drama opposite Jake Gyllenhaal -- on Thursday (July 9) night, and she was sporting the bob 'do again, like she has for most of the year. And just like every other time she's been seen rockin' this cut, it was sensational.

We think this one should be here to stay, and here's why.

  1. For one, she totally owns it. She looks so comfortable in her own ... head.
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    That hasn't always been the case, you know. There have been times when she's had less flattering 'dos going on (cough the bangs cough), and it seemed kinda obvious that she was not in like with her hair just then. This is sooooo much better.

  2. Plus, we love seeing so much of her face!
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    Rachel is beautiful no matter what she does to herself, but it's been a treat for her locks to be at ear length, just enough to push 'em back and show off that winning grin of hers. Lurve.

    Plus, there's a certain acoustical advantage for her here too, right? So win-win.

  3. It also helped her look fierce AF for "True Detective" Season 2.
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    So far, our favorite statie, Detective Ani Bezzerides, is kicking ass (figuratively speaking, so far) and taking names with a no-nonsense attitude and commitment to cause. She might be outnumbered 3:1 in the Man:Woman lead department, but she is straight running the show right now.

    And her bob offers a no frills crunch approach, which is doing wonders to bolster all that attitude she's got going on so far. All sass.

  4. Plus, she can dress it up when need be.
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    Casual is only half the fun of it, yeah? Clearly, that's not an issue here.

  5. Curls are also an option.
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    Excuse us if we just did Roger Rabbit eyes over this 2011 bob photo, but YES.

  6. And she always has the option of getting back to her brunette roots if she gets bored.
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    This 2009 pic proves that would work just fine too. She can drop the ombre/blonde if she must, but let's keep the scissorwork intact, k Rach?

  7. She even had it exactly right way back in '06.
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    The frame! The fun! The friskiness!! It is/was just so darling.