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Can You Guess Paul Rudd’s Age In These Pics? [QUIZ]

Whatever he's doing, it's working.

Right now, Paul Rudd is 46 years old, and he could probably still pull off playing Cher Horowitz’s step-brother-turned-BF in any “Clueless” reboot. (Note: This is not an endorsement of a “Clueless” reboot ... as if!)

Rudd is one of those ageless Hollywood wonders that must have some secret Youth Juice recipe we haven’t heard about yet because the man seriously never seems to change -- and he’s totally been the object of our affection for several decades now, so it’s not like we haven’t been paying attention.

Most recently, he showed up at the “Ant-Man” European premiere looking exactly the same as he always does - smiley, fresh-faced, and so. stinking. cute.

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And it got us to thinking about whether we could really even venture a guess as to how old he is based on throwback pics of him.

Thus, this quiz. Play along and see how well you can age Paul Rudd based on the pics. But do be warned that it’s, like, really hard to do.

A hint? His b-day is April 6, 1969. Not that it’s gonna help very much.