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Paul Rudd Reveals What It's Like To Put On The 'Ant-Man' Suit For The First Time

Super, all over his body.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

Ant-Man may be one of Marvel's smallest heroes, but the titular star at the center of the comics powerhouse's newest movie has big power hidden in that suit. In "Ant-Man," Paul Rudd's Scott Lang is able to shrink to the size of an ant -- while retaining the power of a man -- simply by pushing a button on his suit.

Of course, slipping into a fully-loaded superhero suit for the first time isn't an experience quickly forgotten. In a chat ahead of the July 17 release of "Ant-Man," Rudd told MTV News about his first time suiting up in what he called "the coolest looking suit."

"It's the best moment, it's incredible," he said. "The first fitting I had, I put it on and I was like, 'oh my God, this is real, this is happening.'"

As for your other burning question: yes, Rudd was able to use the bathroom without assistance, despite the skin-tight supersuit.

"I was able to go to the bathroom all by myself like a big boy," he said.

Watch the video above for more of Rudd's revelations about the suit.

"Ant-Man" hits theaters July 17.