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David Beckham And Kevin Hart Are Shooting An H&M Campaign Because Why Not

New BFF alert.

In unlikely blossoming friendships news, Kevin Hart and David Beckham were spotted in New York wearing matching clothes while shooting an upcoming campaign for H&M. Yes, you read that right.

Both David and Kevin posted behind-the-scenes pictures of the shoot on Instagram, and we’ll admit, it’s all very intriguing. The shoot is for David’s Modern Essentials selected by David Beckham line that launched at H&M stores back in March.

Kevin posted this photo of him and Becks in front of a giant bear saying, “2 questions...Question #1 Why are we sitting this comfortably In Front of this grizzly bear? Question #2 Why are we dressed alike? Gotta love @davidbeckham #Twins #GoodTimesWithGreatPeople”

Beckham also posted a photo of him helping his #twin during a workout captioning it with “Work out buddies.... Curious ???

Yes, David. We obviously are.

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Lest you think this newfound friendship is all for show, the buds were spotted hugging each other during the shoot. And while the cameras may have been rolling, two people don’t embrace like that unless they mean it. #DevinBeckhart4ever