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Here's How J. Cole Ended Up On The Social Experiment's Surf

Chance the Rapper lets us in.

Surf is an album that's officially by Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment, but it's chock-full of collaboration. Chance the Rapper guides the way vocally throughout, and he's joined by Big Sean, B.o.B, Jeremih, Erykah Badu and plenty of others, too.

And one of the more memorable guest spots -- which is really saying something -- is on "Warm Enough," where J. Cole appears alongside Chance and Noname Gypsy. And it turns out it was an extremely organic collab.

"Cole was there at the inception of the idea, at the conception of the idea," Chano told DJ Semtex on BBC Radio 1Xtra. "The moment that we were working at Rick Rubin's studio and jam-banding, writing together -- he was there, in session with us, helping us out. That was something that happened really organically, and he wrote the sh-t out of his part."

The track right before "Warm Enough" is "Slip Slide," which features B.o.B and Busta Rhymes -- but Ludacris almost ended up on it.

"We would take records and start working on them in the same process that we first started the writing collective to do, which was make songs feel like a certain person and feel like a certain emotion, and then figuring out people that either matched emotion in our heads or sounded sonically like they matched up with the record," he said. "From the moment that we made 'Slip Slide,' we knew that we needed Ludacris and Busta Rhymes. That was the instant idea behind 'Slip Slide.'"

As for Chance's new music -- he said that "Paradise," a song which he has been performing at live shows, should drop officially soon.