Morgan Evans Discovers L.A. Isn't Exactly The City Of Angels

An audition gets ugly in the latest episode of MTVOther's new web series.

Farewell, New York. Hello, Los Angeles.

Morgan Evans officially makes his move to the West Coast in the latest episode of "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV." This time around, we find Morgan and his new social circle commiserating over the current state of comedy ("I don't understand why randomness is seen as this comedy nitrous oxide") before a friend announces some exciting news: She's landed a small part in "a new Suri Cruise movie." Note: In this web series, TomKat's offspring is the leading lady in her own trilogy franchise. (Hey, it's called "creative license.")

Luckily for Morgan, fate is on his side: The next day, he lands an audition. While waiting for his turn, he meets John, a supposedly experienced actor who pesters him for advice.

"Let me ask you a question," John says, reading the script in hand. "When [the character] says, 'You broke my KitchenAid, you stupid f*ck,' do you think he's being sarcastic?"

"Um no," Morgan says. "Because the guy broke his KitchenAid."

John then goes on to describe the plot of his recently canceled sitcom (you have to hear it to believe it) and do vocal exercises (ditto!). He then announces that he's doing a web series about his own life (sound familiar?) and asks Morgan to present it to his agent. When Morgan answers no, John's reaction is, well, a little unexpected.

What exactly does John do, and how does Morgan handle it? Watch the drama unfold below, and make sure to check out "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV" here!

PLUS: A Bonus Episode! It's another day, another FaceTime session with Morgan and Tim. Oh, and selfie sticks are involved: