This Anniversary Celebration Was Annihilated...All Because Of A Few Sexy Photos

Romance gets rocky in the newest episode of 'The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV.'

Not-so-spoiler alert: Things aren't looking too good for Morgan Evans and his girlfriend Elle.

When we last left the couple on "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV," they were at odds over Morgan's decision to keep his new "Teen Wolf" gig a secret. Fast forward to two episodes later, and the longtime loves seem to be on happier terms on their anniversary, until Elle's present for Morgan -- a collection of sexy self-portraits -- ruins the mood. The reason: The photos were taken by Morgan's BFF Tim. The other reason: Tim randomly emerges from their apartment's bathroom as the fight intensifies.

"Look, it felt feminist. It was a feminist thing," Elle tries reasoning.

"Dude, it was so feminist," Tim adds.

As everyone (except Morgan) acts unfazed by the scenario's absurdities, Morgan explodes with his true feelings.

"Guess what?" he asks. "I have a secret, right now. Now I have a secret. You guys wanna know what it is? Here it is: I hate what's happening."

Find out if Morgan and Elle patch things up, and watch the entire season of "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV" here!

PLUS: A bonus episode! Morgan and Tim continue their FaceTime hijinks, and Tony Hawk gets a major namedrop. Watch below: