That Time Morgan Evans Accidentally Went On A Date With A Homeless Man

Sometimes, being friendly can really bite you in the tail.

In case you haven't already watched noticed, Morgan Evans gets into a lot of strange situations in his new MTVOther project, "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV."

And in episode three of "Untitled," things are about to get a lot stranger.

One afternoon in Brooklyn, Morgan befriends a homeless man named Kyle by offering him a free movie ticket to "Not Again." The two immediately hit it off, bonding over their mutual dislike of the film ("It was a terrible movie, garbage"). They even decide to hit up a local bar, where they grab beers and open up about their personal problems -- and before long, Kyle thanks his new pal for the movie.

"Most people just kinda like open the door to the back, let me in. You're the first person to actually buy me a ticket," he says. Then he adds with a flirtatious smile: "On the flipside, though, now you [had] take me out and wine me and dine me."


Morgan quickly decides to head home, but not before getting one last (odd) request from Kyle. Even worse, the homeless man has indeed been under the assumption that the two were on a date -- and, um, eagerly shows his interest in Morgan.

What does Kyle do? And what does he ask Morgan? (Hint: It's really awkward.) See all the hilarity in the view below, and don't forget to check all nine episodes of "The Untitled Web Series Morgan Evans Is Doing For MTV" here!

PLUS: A Bonus Episode! In this mini feature, Morgan and Tim catch up on FaceTime, and Tim gives Morgan "the gift of all gifts." Prepare for the LOLs to ensue: