Sand, Sun And RPattz Star In This Full 'Queen Of The Desert' Trailer

Oh, and Nicole Kidman, too.

The full trailer for Werner Herzog's "Queen of the Desert" is here, which means Robert Pattinson fans need to go ahead and push play to catch a longer glimpse at his T.E. Lawrence impression.

But don't expect him to be the one swinging with the swoons in "Queen" because the romantic spotlight has actually gone instead to Nicole Kidman and James Franco (and sort of Damian Lewis, too).

The pair portray Gertrude Bell and her lover, and while Franco might be the multi-hyphenate IRL, it's her character that does all the things in the movie, including writing, archaeology, exploring, cartography, and political work.

But back to Robert Pattinson already because RPATTTTTTZ, amiright?

Herzog talked about casting the "Twilight" heartthrob (thump thump thump) in the tertiary role for the pic, saying that he was a perfect match for the part.

"It’s not a big part, and it matched perfectly. I needed an Englishman who still looks like a schoolboy but which is very smart," the writer-director explained. "He plays Lawrence of Arabia, but at the age of 22, on an archaeological site. Kidman, who plays the main role is wondering what that kid has to do in a place like this, and an archaeologist tells her that this kid has a PhD. Pattinson is really good in that role. He is a smart man and the choice was quite natural."

The film is expected to hit theaters this fall.