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Liam Hemsworth Totally Hijacked His 'Independence Day 2' Co-Star's First Facebook Post

How's this for a toast to the end of the world?

Jeff Goldblum might have been one-half of the alien-slaying dream team that helped infiltrate the mothership and take down the whole fleet with one virus in "Independence Day," sure. But Liam Hemsworth is totally up on the new-age viral photobombing game and deftly stole the shot right from under JG on the set of "Independence Day: Resurgence."


(These two are going to have to work on their communication. Haha JK, they're obviously perf.)

Facebook/Jeff Goldblum

"So there I was thinking about how I would save mankind when this guy photobombs me," Goldblum captioned the sneak attack capture.

Meanwhile, over on his page, Hemsworth shared the pic and added, "Having a blast filming ... with this legend."

This Guy and This Legend. Good battle squad nicknames for the pair, don'tcha think? Because they're *definitely* going to have to be chummy AF in "IDR" if Earth has any chance against the next influx of alien invaders, who are probably going to be extra invadey in Round Two.

If they're hoping this new bromance will make up for Will Smith's Captain Steven Hiller being MIA, well, they're off to a good start.

In other news, Goldblum's pic also featured an alternate glimpse at the second major machine we've gotten to see from the "Independence Day" sequel set so far -- the first, of course, being that super sick Moon Tug thing. And the unnamed jet, which looks to be of human creation, looks even more slick here than the sideview.