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Here's How One Robot-Related Tweet Turned Into A 'Terminator'-Themed Tornado

The puns of the future.

"Terminator Genisys" is currently bringing a rebooted version of its ass-kicking apocalyptic heroine Sarah Connor back to the big screen by way of the Khaleesi (Emilia Clarke), so of course everyone's on high alert for all-things-SkyNet right now.

Which means the timing couldn't have been more (im)perfect for a woman named Sarah O'Connor to sent out a tweet on a robot-related death in Germany. Because it inadvertently made what was a super sad story about a technician who was killed by a machine at a VW plant into motion an absolute maelstrom of snarky remarks.

Here was her original tweet:

Despite the heavy subject matter (because, seriously, R.I.P. unnamed German autotech) you could see the source of confusion-slash-intrigue tweeters had with this one, yes?

And that of course ballooned into a ball of social media madness right away.

First, there were those that were considering themselves officially *warned* by her message.

And of course there were the SkyNet conspiracy theorists who went (faux) ballistic and begged for her help.

Plus, there were a few quick quote-slingers on high alert.

And at first, O'Connor had a brief bit of facepalmy fun with it, like "Heh, oh riiiiiight. My B."

Then she was like, "Hmmm, OK this isn't even my thing but whatevs."

But then she remembered that the beginning of all this was a real man whose life was lost at the hands of a robot -- so she got serious with the major sadface reminder.

However, Twitter is as Twitter does, and that just launched a thousand more 140-character-or-less "Terminator"-themed anecdotes.

Oh you, internet. Never change.