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The 'Magic Mike XXL' Gang Reveals The Secrets Behind The Final Striptease

Oh Channing, I think I wanna marry you.

With reporting by Madeline Roth

Sorry not sorry to brag, but we at MTV News have officially seen "Magic Mike XXL" -- and counted every damn thrust you saw onscreen, but that's a whole other story (literally).

So when we caught up with the cast of the film at a press day ahead of its premiere, we just had to ask about the film's glorious finale: an extended dance sequence that lets the entire cast, from Mike himself (Channing Tatum) to Ken (Matt Bomer) to Big Dick Richie (Joe Manganiello) and Andre (Donald Glover), have their moment in the sun.

"I could say that I knew it was going to work the way that it did, but I really didn't," Tatum explained of the sequence, which we can confirm totally works.

And according to Tatum's costar Bomer, it really only worked because of the dollar bill-throwin', hootin' and hollerin' gaggle of female extras that made the whole thing feel so alive onscreen.

"The women who were the actors in the audience were some of my favorite scene partners I've ever had," Bomer said, as Glover offered up his agreement. "I don't think we could have done it without them. They brought so much energy and support to every take, that even if you were just struggling, you still felt good enough about yourself to at least try again when they called action."

Let's move on from the thought that even Matt Freaking Bomer sometimes feels bad about his half-naked self because it's almost too much to handle, and go right to Manganiello's props to the filmmakers, shall we? Yes, we shall.

"Basically the last fifth of the film runs in real time with no dialogue," the future Mr. Sophia Vergara said. "You really have to give it up to the filmmakers for being that ambitious to take a big chunk of the movie -- and the result is electrifying."


"Magic Mike XXL" is in theaters now.