Michael Fassbender Is A Genius Jerk In The New 'Steve Jobs' Trailer

This portrait of the Apple innovator doesn't shy away from the less-savory stuff.

The first full-length trailer for "Steve Jobs" dropped today, and if you ever wondered whether Apple's main man was really a giant walking ego in jeans, it looks like this movie would like to respond: Yes. Yes, he was.

The trailer opens with a youngish Jobs (Michael Fassbender) in conversation with Steve Wozniak (Seth Rogen), and sets the tone for a two-minute highlights reel of Steve Jobs, genius jerk, versus the boring complacent world.

The real Steve Jobs was a complicated guy, and Danny Boyle's biopic seems to center largely on the part where Jobs was demanding, difficult, and arrogant, overseeing Apple's personal computing revolution like an extraordinarily cocky god. Here, we see him in conflict with pretty much everyone, including right-hand woman and Macintosh marketing guru Joanna Hoffman (Kate Winslet in some serious 1980s eyewear.)

Because it's an Aaron Sorkin script, there's also lots of rapid-fire dialogue and silver-tongued speech-making going on here.

And because it's an Apple story, the whole thing is intercut with shots of an anxious, giddy audience of thousands, all drooling with anticipation for the moment when Jobs' next innovation says "hello."

"Steve Jobs" hits theaters October 9.