13 Ben And Jen Fans Who Literally Can't With This Divorce News

Come join our support group. We'll be sobbing into a "Daredevil" shirt.

Today will go down in history as Terrible Tuesday: the day that Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck called it quits and announced that they would divorce after 10 years of marriage.

June is pretty much over, and so is love.

We're not the only ones hurting from this loss. Bennifer2 was a love for the ages, proving to us that, as Affleck famously said, "marriage is work." Pack your desk, because it's time to move on to the next line of your resume. Sniff.

We scoured the Internet to find members for our Post-Ben/Jen Support Group. Here are a few candidates.

  1. Same, George. Same.
  2. If we can't trust the Ice Bucket, WHAT CAN WE TRUST?!
  3. *lays on floor*
  4. Implement nightmare protocol.
  5. MOM? DAD?
  6. *deletes Tinder*
  7. Can't. Won't.
  8. Prepare my blanket. I need to crawl under it.
  9. #feelthat
  10. DAD???!
  11. brb, colonizing the moon.
  12. Fetch me a cool drink.
  13. Me and you both, pal.

See you all in the Literal Heart of Jesus, 8 p.m. sharp.