'Invention Of Lying' Stars Ricky Gervais, Jennifer Garner Talk Nudity

'I will not be taking it all off!' Garner insists, although Gervais does go topless in the new film.

Jennifer Garner's last big-screen comedy paired the 37-year-old beauty with the frequently shirtless Matthew McConaughey, but in "Ghosts of Girlfriends Past," her leading man managed to keep his top buttoned up for the entire 100-minute running time.

In "The Invention of Lying," which hits theaters Friday, Garner stars opposite decidedly less fit British comedy god Ricky Gervais. And it's Gervais who decides to doff his shirt and bare his pasty belly to the world. Just don't suggest that the comedian, who wrote and directed the film along with newcomer Matthew Robinson, has anything to be ashamed of in comparison to McConaughey.

"It's a dis!" he laughed when the topic arose during an interview with MTV News. "This is worse than Biggie and Tupac, and it's going to end in tears!"

Gervais did eventually admit Garner's onetime co-star couldn't exactly be his body double. "Different sort of bodies though, aren't they?" Gervais deadpanned. "He shaves his chest, doesn't he?"

Garner neither confirmed nor denied that bit of info, but both she and Gervais were adamant that they would never take it all off on the big screen.

"There's no chance of me doing it!" declared Gervais, who plays a screenwriter living in a world in which lying does not exist -- until he utters the first falsehood and embarks on a mission of hilarious self-fulfillment.

"I will not be taking it all off!" Garner seconded.

"OK, well then, it's equal," he replied. "It's joint equal at, 'No way! Absolutely no way!' "

"Zero percent," Garner said. "No, thank you. The world deserves better. Not interested."

Gervais then added quietly, "Unless I had a stunt one."

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