Melissa McCarthy Returns To 'SNL' To Promote Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom Line

Alec Baldwin is joined by McCarthy and Tracy Morgan for his 17th hosting stint

Alec Baldwin hosted Saturday Night Live for a record 17th time last night (February 11), in the middle of a season becoming known for his incisive impression of President Donald Trump. But the show was once again stolen by Melissa McCarthy, who returned to open the show as Trump's not-long-for-this-world press secretary Sean Spicer.

One-upping her previous appearance last week, McCarthy-as-Spicer eats a giant piece of gum, shows off Ivanka Trump's Nordstrom line, brings out more props (dolls, used to threaten to put Moana in Guantanamo Bay, and a leaf blower), and uses a moving podium to chase around reporters.

Kate McKinnon also appeared as newly confirmed Attorney General Jeff Sessions, dropping in to talk about Elizabeth Warren "coming at him like a porcupine" and that "there are two types of crime: regular, and black" before being booted off the stage. Something tells me that won't be the last time we see McKinnon portray Sessions.

Below are some of the night's top sketches:

Trump Takes Takes Judges To Court: The People's Court

As promised by McCarthy in the cold open, Baldwin did end up donning Trump's orange halfway through the episode, taking the court that ruled against Trump to The People's Court. Of course, he brought our shirtless buddy Vladimir Putin as a character witness

Leslie Jones Makes Her Case To Play Trump, Give America What It Wants

This digital short follows Leslie Jones as she makes her case to take over playing Donald Trump from Baldwin. She takes her impression all the way to Lorne Michaels, who gets a little more than he bargained for in shooting her down.

Kate McKinnon Adds Another Political Impression To The Resume

Getting less attention in this episode was McKinnon's appearance as Senator Elizabeth Warren, appearing during "Weekend Update" to grill Colin Jost and Michael Che about free swag, their full paychecks for appearing ten minutes per episode, and that time they let Trump host the show.

Russell Stover Makes Chocolates For Black History Month

This is so wrong.

SNL takes two weeks off before returning on March 4th with host Octavia Spencer.