Emilia Clarke Goes Full Khaleesi, Makes Two Men Fight For Her Honor

Just a regular day in the life, I guess.

These days Emilia Clarke might be more focused on fighting evil robots in "Terminator Genisys" than she is at taming dragons or occupying a city, but don't think she has forgotten her "Game of Thrones" roots just yet -- because her adoring fans won't let her.

Last night on "Jimmy Kimmel Live," a worthy challenger from the audience (who was definitely NOT planted there for a funny bit, noooo sir) interrupted the show and announced that he wished to fight for the honor of Daenerys Targaryen -- to which she responded, "Oh, yeah, this happens quite a lot."

Watch the deadly throw down in the Fighting Pits -- aka the floor three feet away from Jimmy Kimmel's desk -- below:

Bonus! Emilia Clarke has an AMAZING valley girl accent she whips out at the beginning of the video. At the risk of proposing something totally sacrilegious, anybody weirdly jonesing for a "Clueless" reboot now?

"Terminator Genisys" hits theaters July 1.