13 Things To Know About Chris Christie, Who Just Announced He's Running For President

Christie says his scandals are all water under the bridge, but was Jersey's governor really born to run?

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has announced that he is also running for president in 2016, making him the 14th candidate seeking the Republican nomination.

Christie has earned a reputation as a no-nonsense voice in the Republican party (with his fair share of scandal and criticism as well..) but could he turn those frowns upside down and become our next president?

Here's what you need to know:

  1. He's the Republican governor of New Jersey.

    Born and raised in Newark, Christie has been a lifelong resident of the Garden State.

  2. His wife was big on Wall Street.

    Until recently Mary Pat Christie worked as the managing director of an investment firm and was the "primary breadwinner" in their household.

  3. Together, they have four kids.

    The Christie brood is four strong with two daughters and two sons.

  4. He's notoriously blunt.

    His slogan is "telling it like it is" for a reason, right?

  5. He got real about Charleston.

    Following the shootings in an historic Charleston AME church, Christie was sure to say that racism was at the heart of the crime.

  6. He believes in "violence control."

    Christie supports moderate gun control measures, but adds that he supports a balance that emphasizes minimizing violence.

  7. He says he doesn't agree with the same-sex marriage ruling...

    But, Christie told reporters that he will still defend and uphold "the law of the land" regardless, because he "took an oath."

  8. He's anti-abortion.

    Christie considers himself pro-life and has voted to limit-later term procedures in the past.

  9. He believes in climate change.

    Unlike some of his fellow Republicans, Christie continues to state that climate change is real and that humans caused it. He also says that it's time to put the legislation in "the hands of the experts," urging other politicians to listen to climate scientists.

  10. He's had his share of scandal.

    In September 2013, a traffic jam in Fort Lee, New Jersey due to closed toll lanes was said to be caused by members of Christie's staff as an act of retribution against the town's mayor — in what was later known as #Bridgegate. The closed lanes caused days of traffic that effected commuters and school children alike. Ultimately, when emails revealed the role they played, Christie fired the staff members involved. But the story is still considered shady by many.

  11. He's a notorious Bruce Springsteen fanboy.

    His love for the Boss knows no bounds. He even wished him a happy birthday via a boom-box-raising grand gesture in the The Atlantic.)

  12. ...And they are tight. (Don't fight him on that.)

    When someone dared to challenge Bruce and Christie's #bro-status (due to their vastly different political views), he was real quick to forcefully set the record straight. Okay, okay, we believe you.

  13. He's got moves that will definitely embarrass you at your bar-mitzvah.

    Same, Chris Christie. Same.